TY Steel Co., Ltd. recognizes that the success and sustainability of a company must keep pace with social responsibility and environmental protection. For these reasons, TY Steel Co., Ltd. has established corporate governance policy, focusing on environmental protection and ongoing community relations.

TY Activities
2014-12-31Donated Scholarships to Community Children around TY STEEL.
2015-03-10Sponsered for Elderly Health Check
2015-07-29Offering Wat Khao Jom Hae Afforestation Activities
2015-08-05Distributed Living Materials to those in need
2015-09-23Participated in the event organized by the Soi 4 ​​Disabled People's Center
2015-12-11Distributed Living materials to those in need.
2016-04-10Participated in the Nikhom Pattana District Government Songkran Festival
2017-03-16Helping villagers and government in the Bangbut district of Rayong to clear the phytoplankton
2017-04-02Participated in Songkran Festival held by Moo. 3 Nikhom Pattana District Government to spread the water with blessings and bring gifts to the elderly
2017-08-19Helping the City of Rayong Province Mapkhra Municipal Government to plant sunflowers
2017-11-08Hosted the Maenamkul School Student Anti-Drug Sports Competition in Rayong Province
2017-12-05Provided Volunteer Team Services
2017-12-09Distributed Living Materials to those in need
2018-03-09Participated in the sports meeting organized by the Nong La Lok district government
2018-04-06Distributed Living Materials to those in need
2018-04-13Participated in the Songkran Festival held by the Nikhom Pattana District Government
2018-06-04Assist and support the farmers who suffered price decline of pineapples by promoting and buying pineapples and gave to Company employees and villagers
2018-07-28Participate in Volunteer Team Service of the Nikhom Pattana District Government
2018-09-20Participated in the SportsCompetition held by the Nikhom Pattana District Government
2018-09-12Distributed Living Materials to those in need
2018-11-09Participated in Buddhist Charity Religion Activity by offering Thod Kathin at Wat Khao Pho Temple

Environmental Care

Company Activity