BILLET of TY Steel Co., Ltd. is produced from melting furnaces, Electronic Arc Furnace (EAF), with advanced technology.
It is widely known and accepted that the melting of steel, especially steel used in the production of reinforced steel bars must be melted from the Electronic Arc Furnace (EAF) Steel to be of high quality and consistency in order to create confidence and maximum satisfaction for consumers.

Steel Type



Low Carbon Steel150X150 11.80 +/-0.20
Medium Carbon Steel150X150 11.80 +/-0.20
High Carbon Steel150X150 11.80 +/-0.20
Alloy Steel150X150 11.80 +/-0.20
Cold Heading Steel150X150 11.80 +/-0.20
SD40150X15011.80 +/-0.20
SD50150X15011.80 +/-0.20
SR24150X15011.80 +/-0.20